About Darris

Dear neighbors,
I have been a citizen of South Fulton for over 22 years. We built our home here from the ground up, raised, and educated all of our children here. South Fulton is our home! We have always had an amazing amount of pride in where we live. Always eager to have conversations about South Fulton and have “friendly” banter with friends about how our side of town is better than theirs. Now, having the opportunity to see our home become a city with so much potential fills me with pride and joy. Moreover, having the opportunity to play a part and be willing to put in the work to make South Fulton “ A Choice Place to Live and A Choice Place to Work” is an honor. I am excited to do the work that will be necessary to make South Fulton a world class living experience.

I am proud to announce my candidacy for City Council, District 3 in the newly created City of South Fulton. All of my experience in the community, schools, and church have undoubtedly prepared me for such a time as this.
Whether you voted for cityhood or not, it is here. Let’s unite under the banner of One South Fulton and ascend from good, to great!